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            Optical Lens

            To further deepen its optoelectronics expertise and meet rising customer demand, Ofilm in 2017 created a subsidiary to design, manufacture and package optical lenses. This has grown into one of Ofilm’s largest activities.

            Lenses are the bedrock of imaging technologies and solutions, from still and video cameras to autonomous driving systems, infrared sensors to robotic machine vision. Ofilm is now a large-scale lens manufacturer developing and producing a wide range of glass and plastic lenses. These lenses are used both in Ofilm’s own final products like smartphone cameras as well as sold separately to customers globally.

            In December 2018, Ofilm acquired lens manufacturing assets and intellectual property from Fuji of Japan. This acquisition helped Ofilm expand its lens solutions for the automotive industry as well as become a mainstream supplier to Japan’s auto industry.

            Though humans have been making glass lenses for almost two millennia, the pace of innovation in optical lens technology has probably never been faster than today. Ofilm hopes to contribute meaningfully at the industry’s next frontiers.

            Some of Ofilm’s Lens Products

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